All That You Need To Know To Plan An Enjoyable Sailing Holiday

Everyone looks forward to a vacation so that they can break away from the monotonous and tiring daily grind. However, the idea of vacation differs from person to person. While some are happy to go visit their loved ones, others take time out to travel to new and exotic places. Many others love to go on trips full of excitement and adventure that gives them an adrenalin rush. A sailing holiday provides just the exhilaration that such people look for.

Sailing sounds a very thrilling thing to do, but if it is undertaken without proper planning, it can turn out to be quite a disastrous trip. There are so many factors to be considered and a lot of decisions to be taken to make sure that your sailing vacation is the adventure you had imagined it to be. The major things to be considered include:

Picking up the correct destination

Choose the right destination, keeping in mind the weather conditions there, the age and health of the people in your travel party, and your budget.

Deciding on the boat and the crew

Pick the right type of boat/yacht and see to it that is well-maintained and in perfect running condition. The crew that would be operating it should be knowledgeable, trained, experienced and friendly. It would be a good idea to check out a reliable online local business directory to find about the sailing companies whose services you can hire.

The required amenities

Your sailing holiday doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. You should ensure that your boat has all the basic amenities for comfortable living such as microwave oven, coffee maker, blender and TV. You should also put in some water toys and arrange rented paddle boats, kayaks, scuba diving gear, etc.

The necessary food provisions

You should have enough food and beverages to feed all the travelers well for the duration of the trip. Carry sufficient water for daily drinking and cooking needs.

First aid necessities

Make sure that the boat has a first aid kit containing antiseptics, antibiotics, medicines for healing cuts or bruises and treating allergic reactions, etc.

Clothes to be packed

You must pack light and pack right, including essentials like good shoes, swimsuits, tees and shorts, hats, sunscreen, etc.

Having a sailing itinerary

It is advisable to plan about the places or islands you intend to visit and draw up an itinerary. Learn a little about the destinations and read up about their high points.

Getting the right phone

Save yourself from unreasonably high telecom bills by enquiring about the roaming charges levied by your phone company before you venture out to the sea. You can get good coverage at excellent rates if you buy a pre-paid phone/data card of the local service provider.

If you plan right, your sailing holiday will be much more than just a vacation. It will be an unforgettable adventure, an experience you will cherish for life.


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