Family-Friendly Things To Do In Cape Cod

10 Top Family-Friendly Things To Do In Cape Cod

Cape Cod is not just a place on the map, it is a treasure on earth of recreation from creative to adventurous. Whether you are a nature lover, beach lover, sports person, or adventurer, Cape Cod has everything for every age group. There are many family-friendly things to do on Cape Cod and all take full advantage of seaside villages, beaches, and islands in this large area of Massachusetts. So welcome to Cape Cod where every piece of land promises fun and joy for all your family members. Let’s look at the details of all the family activities in Cape Cod.

Family Activities In Cape Cod

Here is the list to help you get the top 10 Family-Friendly things to do in Cape Cod. However to enjoy all these activities with your family, you just have to book a holiday home rental.

Family-Friendly Things To Do In Cape Cod

Beach Day

Cape Cod beach day is a super fun day. There are many famous and beautiful beaches offering many family activities in Cape Cod. You can spend a day soaking in the sun, making sandcastles, playing sports like volleyball and frisbee, and doing many other fun activities. Swimming in the clear water is an exciting activity, as many beaches on Cape Cod, are shallow with calm water. It is always safe to swim in Cape Cod, even some beaches also have lifeguards for tourists. Many food vendors are also there to keep you energetic and hydrated. 

Cape Cod National Seashore 

It has 40 miles of coastline across many beaches. Cape Cod has more to offer just than the ocean. Apart from the bank coast, there are many other different types of landscape. There are marshes, ponds, forests, rolling sandbanks, lighthouses, and cranberry bog. You can experience amazing and vibrant, sunsets and local villages and watch many birds and animals. With this diversity, Cape Cod National Seashore also offers many family-friendly fun activities.

Rail Trail Of Cape Cod

It is an easy pathway of more than 25 miles, providing many family-friendly activities like walking, biking, skating, and skiing in the winter season. There are many shops for rental bikes, food, and other amenities like restrooms and relaxation points.

Museum For Natural History 

Cape Cod Museum blends education with outdoor activity. This museum has a detailed history of the natural environment, archeology, and educational events of a particular area. The museum has knowledgeable guides for the natural walk, nearby mashes, and forests. There are many fun activities like hands-on lab experiments, sports birds in their nest, close to animals, frog hopping, many interactive games, fossils to touch and see.

Cape Cod Inflatable Park 

It is a family sport at West Yarmouth, Massachusetts. Being the largest inflatable park in the area, has a unique feature of many types of inflatable attractions for kids and even for every age group of your family member. There are many inflatable slides, obstacle courses, bouncy, and some splash areas. Park authorities always take safety measures and regulations for your safe vacations.

Cape Cod Central RailRoad 

It is an ancient, railway that runs through Cape Cod and covers a few miles. This is especially to view natural beauty, forests, marshes, or waterfalls along with your family and friends.  You can relax and enjoy the track with the soft music of the train. Rail Road also organized theme events during holidays.

Adventurous Golf

It is also named mini-golf and has received many awards. It is a must-visit spot for any family on Cape Cod. This golf course has creatively designed holes with many challenges. It is a perfect place for outdoor, relaxing, and entertaining sports for the entire family. People of all age groups and varied skills (beginner to expert) can enjoy mini-golf and have fun.

Watching Whale

Whale watching in their natural habitat is a very exciting and educational activity for kids and even elders. Small boats take you into the ocean, with more frequency of whales, dolphins, seabirds, and seals. This activity educates kids about marine animals, their behavior, feeding patterns, and different species.

Pirate Adventures Ship 

The activity provides an exciting pirate ship experience to the family and kids. Ships or small boats are specially designed as pirated ships, like in any storybook. Kids can enjoy this activity by dressing up as pirates and hunting the treasure.

Cape Cod Potato Chips Factory

You can tour the Cape Cod Potato Chips Factory and learn about its rich history. Kids can experience the changes in potatoes into delicious chips, understand the whole process and taste freshly baked chips.  You may buy some chip packets as gifts for your friends. 

Some Seasonal Family Activities In Cape Cod Activities 

There are many family activities in Cape Cod that can be done in a particular season like, in the winter season some people do not prefer to go out for a walk on the beach. People prefer indoor activities in winter and outdoor activities in summer. Let’s check a few seasonal activities:

Summer Season: The summer season is for beach days, swimming, sandcastles, beach concerts, night fireworks, and bonfires. Many Cape Cod Summer Rentals are available, near the beach to enjoy these activities.  

Winter Season: The winter season is the perfect season for hiking. It gives you many scenic views and allows you to explore wildlife. There are many other activities like ice skating, theater, movies, bowling, museums, and aquariums. Lighthouses of Cape Cod are also famous. All monthly winter rentals guide you for all these activities. 

Autumn And Spring Season: In these two seasons, you can enjoy the nature of Cape Cod. Cape Cod becomes colorful as leaves change or flowers bloom.

Few Tips For Family Travel In Cape Cod

If you are planning to travel to Cape Cod on vacation, then plan for more than a single day.  There are many family activities in Cape Cod –from beautiful beaches to many recreational activities for fun.

Prior planning: If you are planning to visit Cape Code along with family then plan the itinerary before visiting. List all the family-friendly things to do and search for a good stay for the family. Many Cape Cod vacation rentals have a swimming pool and other amenities.

Pack All Essentials: Pack all the essential things like sunscreen, swimsuits, comfort sandals, hats, etc. Pack things for the sudden weather change.

Safety And security: Families with younger kids always prefer calm and shallow beaches. Check for the lifeguard on duty and working hours.

Budget Wisely: You have to plan your vacation wisely otherwise cape Code can be expensive. Check for the offers and discounts before leaving for the vacation. Look for all the food options or local cuisines under the budget.


Cape Cod is a magical place and after vacation, it will gain a special place in your family’s heart. All the family activities in Cape Cod will stay with all your family members and keep the adventurous spirit alive. Plan your vacation nicely to enjoy every moment and make it unforgettable. Make it more memorable by booking Cape Cod rentals with pool.

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