Suspended in the Delights of Nature

And forget about not that the earth delights to feel your naked feet,

and the winds long to play along with your hair.

~Daniel Boone~

After a day’s force from Western New York, we move the Bourne Bridge to Cape Cod and spend a pleasing night with buddies in Mashpee. Early the subsequent morning, we board the ferry for Martha’s Vineyard. I stand on deck on the rail the whole trip. During the forty five minute passage, I feel each day civilization slowly sloughing from my frame. A mild breeze wafts from the Vineyard shore throughout Nantucket Sound as we steam toward port in Vineyard Haven. By the time we dock and force off the ferry, I feel that we are in a one-of-a-kind truth. We are overjoyed to reunite with our Vineyard buddies and relish our stay with them.

Our first destination after breakfast on the Black Dog is Gay Head Beach. Vineyard weather can trade with out be aware however stays steady at some stage in our visit. The weather hovers between the seventies and eighties. On our manner Up Island, a gentle breeze bathes us with salt air filtered thru dense timber and shrubs as well as wafting across occasional meadows.

Wild turkeys and guinea bird emerge from the woods to greet us. A lengthy-horned steer suspends his grazing to return our gaze as we forestall through his meadow. Goats additionally graze on a hill in the distance, not inquisitive about our presence. Deer are also abundant on the island however continue to be hidden inside the woods.

Arriving at our traditional parking spot, we load up chairs and provisions to carry across the dunes at the manner to our spot on Gay Head seaside. A gentle breeze faces us as we traverse the final dune. Lillian Hellman’s cabana continues to fade back into being part of the earth. A few other human beings walk the seashore and others sit down inside the solar, swim or do each. Gulls come by way of to research our appearance at the beach, hoping for a potato chip or extra. An osprey glides overhead and a seal pops up from the waves, in all likelihood attracted through a close-by pod of fishing boats turned around offshore for the bass and bluefish event. The seal continues an eye on us as we do on him. I wonder if he enjoys our go to as a lot as we do his.

The dunes, breeze, surf, sky, seaside sculptures and sand in our toes do their satisfactory to welcome us to beach surroundings. A couple of traffic revel in the seaside enjoy completely, with no interference from clothing- one woman sunbathing and one guy swimming.

In addition to our two days on the beach, we additionally climb the lighthouse, lately moved again from the Gay Head cliffs to prevent its crashing into Nantucket Sound. We also spend time at our favourite haunts at the Vineyard, most significantly Menemsha, an Up Island fishing village excellent known for its chowder and seafood. Competing for an area in our hearts are communing with the island itself and our time together recounting the Martha’s Vineyard tales each people has accumulated over time. All people treasure each.

Life Lab Lessons

Where are the unique places for your lifestyles?

What memories do they keep for you?

What does bearing on those tales do to your soul?

When became the ultimate time you visited these places?

They are watching for our go to, as a minimum to your heart and mind.


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