Tips For Senior Travelling

Travelling Made Easy For Seniors

Here are steps to ensure the best trip ever with the least amount of problems. Want some simple and easy ways to travel?

Get the right type of luggage. Don’t get anything that you need to carry, you may find yourself in pain. Good luggage fits in the overhead bins in an airplane easily, and is easy to move and identify.

Make sure travel documents/passports are up-to-date.

Plan before the trip. Go to the doctor for a check up to make sure you are healthy enough to travel. Are there any vaccines available? Refills needed on your prescriptions?

Consider travel cancellation insurance and medical insurance.

Make sure all legal documents are in order.

Type up a list of contacts, medications you are on beforehand. Make a copy of all your travel documents and keep them with you at all times.

Make sure you call ahead to make sure airlines, hotels, car services, all you need is made available and booked ahead of time if required. ie. wheel chairs, raised toilet seats, safety features, meals (special diets;etc).

Pack essentials in your carry on. Ensure you have toiletries, a few outfits, medications, and any other essentials. That way if you lose your luggage you can still enjoy your trip while you wait for you suit cases to be located and returned. Also, bring a change of clothes if you have problems with incontenience, pads for long flights and limited bathroom stops.

Notify your bank if using credit cards out of country. This way they can identify any strange transactions that may occur and allow those you have made to easily go through.

Plan during your trip to know where the bathrooms are located in order to cut down on any accidents and help you feel more confident about travelling.

Wear proper shoe wear and take appropriate foot wear for that terrain and any long walks.

Plan to have extra medications in two places in case you lose some. Also, you may want to ensure you refill them before you leave so that you have an adequate amount while you are away and you don’t run out. Because finding a pharmacy to refill your prescriptions may be challenging.

Check out different tours and instead of a walking tour for persons with mobility problems maybe you look at arranging a bus tour. * Plan ahead for any age related concerns.

Have fun!

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