Wonderful Places in Massachusetts That Would Take You Back to Your Childhood!

Gym and workout can be a hassle unlike the ever fun filled playground activity. It is not only the kids who love to explore commercial playground equipment. Rather there are several avenues today that can be as entertaining for adults as they are for children. Furthermore, if all else fails, there is no harm in becoming a kid yourself with your little ones and enjoy the seesaw and other equipment along with them. Here are some of the interesting places that will allow you to join your little ones in play and feel like a kid yourself and have unlimited fun for hours.

Alexander W. Kemp Playground

This playground in Cambridge was designed in accordance with the natural landscape and with the aim of allowing kids to explore and discover their own physical potential. The natural scenery is a delight to the eyes and peaceful to the mind. You can play with your kids here all day long only to feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

Nelson Park

This fabulous park is located in Plymouth right on the water and offers an exciting mix of sunshine, salty air with a beautiful combination of shade. You can sit in the shade and enjoy the breeze while your kids spent a wintry afternoon playing in the sunshine.

Dacey Community Field Playground

Situated in the town of Franklin, this place is dedicated to the needs of special children. Stretched over an area of 77′ by 92′, it is one of the largest ADA accessible playgrounds in Massachusetts. This does not mean that other children can’t have fun here. But it is a place for you to go as a family if there is a special child in the family, and the entire family would have a great time without any worry about any child.

Tadpole Playground

This interestingly titled playground is in Boston Common and offers a plethora of commercial playground equipment as well as access to the Frog Pond water area. This is the place for little explorers to have a contact with nature and some of the aquatic life while having a fun day.

Lincoln Elementary School Playground

This is the place for your toddlers and very young children. It is totally fenced so you can let your little ones free to play without having to stay on your toes to run after them every time they tend to move away from the play area. This park is also safer for children to run and play because of its foam padding playground equipment. With rubbery surface that has a good grip, there is also less chance of injury from falling when your kids are playing independently.

Action Cove Playground

This place in West New-bury appears like a wooden fort and has lots of slides, mazes and castles. There is also an additional play area for toddlers. In addition to this second smaller structure there is a sand pit with diggers as well as dump trucks. There are some swings and a small hand-held zip line and put together all these features allow for a quality fun time for children of all ages and the entire family.


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